HRC Houston Volunteers


Thank you for your interest in HRC volunteering! Here we share the different program areas HRC Houston volunteers. Only with the support of great volunteers can we be successful. 


Volunteers can commit to different levels of engagement. We have hundreds of people who join us as a "day-of" volunteer, helping where they can with social and political events. Other volunteers commit to monthly meetings serving on a sub-committee and influence the various events and work we do. Volunteers who want to lead the organization join the local Houston steering committee and chair/co-chair an area of programming for HRC Houston. Please start today where it makes sense. Try by volunteering or attending a single event, connect with us, and do more when you can. All of us together make HRC what it is today. 


General Steering Committee Volunteer Opportunities


  • Gala/ Special Events

  • Community Engagement

  • Political Engagement

  • Membership Outreach

  • Communications/Social Media

  • Volunteer Coordination & Outreach


Gala/Special Events

Volunteers help organize and support our annual HRC Houston Gala held every spring. Volunteering includes 100+ day-of volunteers helping with event stet up, guest check in, auction item organization, etc. Leading up to the big event, we have volunteers help recruit donations, recruit corporate sponsorships, sell tickets, and plan logistics. 


Community Engagement

Volunteers help support local community activities, where we participate in community events that support HRC membership and like-minded organizations. Events include Transgender Day of Remembrance and MLK Day of Service. 


Political Engagement

Volunteers help support HRC endorsed local, state, and federal candidates by attending and organizing rally’s, fundraisers, phone banking or block walking events. 


Membership Outreach

Volunteers help recruit new members to join HRC through events in the community such as Pride, festivals, music events, and athletic events. Volunteers share the story of HRC by sharing their personal stories, sharing the mission of HRC, and selling popular items such as shirts, bags, and sun glasses. 


Communications/Social Media

Volunteers update the website and all our social media accounts to share HRC stories, events, and local information. 


Volunteer Coordination/Outreach

Volunteers engage with the HRC Houston volunteer network to support our local events and efforts. The volunteer coordinators help plan events such as the gala and engage with our amazing volunteers at smaller events to support the work of HRC.

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